Covid-19 management

Covid-19 lessons: How a pandemic teaches HR to lead from the front to keep the business afloat in uncertain times

“I believe our worlds are more tightly linked than most people realise.” – Bill gates

Here’s how you can tell if you are prepared to drive change and best practices during uncertain times.


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Bill gates had famously expressed in a 2015-TED talk video that, “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades it’s highly likely to be a high-infectious virus rather than a war. Not missiles, microbes.”

The world is simply ill-prepared to deal with diseases, especially the virulent flu that have been impacting the human race on a global scale. What this spells for HR is very sobering – of the many things that might disrupt supply chains like no other in recent history, by far the most likely is an epidemic.

In this alarming health crisis, more than 1 billion people worldwide are subjected to isolation and quarantine. Companies are seeing demand spike for certain items and plummet for others. Access to parts and labour from around the world is being severely disrupted and as viruses know no borders, businesses worldwide are grappling with the disruptions, unbeknown to them the impacts that might continue to spiral. 

In this webinar episode, we offer the latest insights on how HR can take charge of revamping the way businesses work to safeguard the livelihoods of the workforce.

We help you conceptualise your exposure to covid-19 through a HR lens. More importantly, we analyse areas in which HR should be primarily focusing on to keep the business running in disruptive times. Join us if you want to position your business to be resilient in the face of covid-19 and in the next global threat.

Webinar content:


Contextualising covid-19 information with your organisation’s goals to establish guidelines for business sustainability.


HR function as a business partner to help mitigate risk and manage low morale throughout the workforce.


How should HR tackle liability issues from work-related large gatherings and travels during a pandemic?

Lessons to bring back to office:


Discussing the scale of impact that covid-19 can have on your business operations.


Being a flexible and supportive employer to meet employee’s needs in a disruptive time.


Learn how HR leaders can better prepare their legal responsibilities towards the workforce.

Speaker details:

Jayesh Menon, HR Director, Moet Hennessy (LVMH)