Thought leadership

Truth be told: What are you really learning now?

Looking for the way forward to purposeful learning?


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10 – 11am (GMT+8)


60 mins


35 USD

Webinar details:

“Only 15% of employees worldwide are actively engaged in their jobs, costing an estimated $7 trillion in lost revenue annually; Only 16% of employees find the learning programmes offered by their employers effective” – Gallup’s 2018 State of the Global Workforce report.

As organisations gear up their workforce agility for the future of work, there has been a shift in focus towards learning.  There is no doubt that continuous training is much more cost-effective than disruptive layoffs and hiring. As such, this webinar will help you understand how you can empower and inspire your employees to reach their full potential through your learning programmes.

In this one hour session, learn to close the technical and soft skills gap at a much quicker pace to prepare your employees to be future-ready in this ever-changing business environment.

Webinar content:


Soft skills - not really soft anymore. How do we connect, create focus and be creative to deliver an outcome?


Going above and beyond - Can you be a financial consultant to your business leaders?


Revising your learning purpose as a team or an organisation.

Lessons to bring back to office:


Learning for personal and professional growth

Balancing upskilling for technical skills with personal growth matters.


A community of engaged learners

How to leverage on the networks and support systems available within the organisation to promote learning in teams.


Purposeful learning

Putting meaning back into learning for your employees and aligning it to their professional and personal development.

Speaker details:

Chandrani Chakraborty, Group Head of Capability & Learning Strategies, Head of HR Asia, QBE Asia